Monday, October 8, 2007

Making Connections

Destination Management Companies develop strong relationships with local corporate clients. Corporations recognized that the services that DMCs offer far surpass the knowledge their own staff has about unique venues, local transportation and the wide range of service providers needed to create a dazzling experience. It's not unusual for a DMC client to turn first to their local DMC in hopes of finding another company of that high caliber in another location.

The Membership Directory page of the ADME website is designed to assist anyone looking for a DMC. However, since ADME doesn't have members in absolutely every city, we often get requests for referrals. Recently, we had a question about a DMC in Dubai!

Last week, we received a request from an ADME member in Nevada: One of our clients is going to Aruba next year and is looking for a DMC recommendation. Is there a company you can recommend? We didn't have to look far -- we've been communicating with an ADME member who has a company in Aruba and is in the process of having her key staff member in that company join. We put the two DMCs in touch with each other, and got this response: I just spoke with the DMC you recommended and my client plans to contact her today. This is so great. We have done this client’s programs for the last two years and I always want to make certain I am passing clients along to only the best! This is how it should work between all of us and I think it’s great! Thank you so much!!!

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