Monday, November 5, 2007

DMC Clients

According to a survey of ADME members earlier this year, corporations account for more than half of the aggregate DMC client base. The breakdown is:
Corporate - 96.9%
Incentive - 20.8%
Association - 16.7%
Tour and Travel - 4.2%

In the other category (1.4%) is a wide range of clientele, including award shows, charities, clubs, churches, colleges, local, non-meeting events, private, prom, social, non-profit, trade shows and weddings.

Clients come from a wide range of sources. In fact, the range is so wide that 47% claimed "Other"! Hotel referrals was the largest specific source at 15% and then repeat business at 12.8% Referrals (closely related to repeat business) is 6.1%.

CVBs generated 5.5% of DMC leads with internet at 4.4%. Prospecting yielded 4.0%

How does your marketing fit into this mix?

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