Monday, September 24, 2007

The Scope of DMCs

Each year, ADME surveys its members to capture information about DMC activity. Here are some of the highlights from the 2006 survey:
  • Total Annual Spending by all ADME members is $355,788,866.11
  • Total programs completed by DMCs: 21,065
  • Average number of programs annually per company: 128

In the past year, 88% of ADME members increased their volume of business compared to the previous year.

Not unsurprisingly, the average lead time ranged from 74 days for a U.S. corporation to 220 days for an association. International corporations had a lead time of 94 days and incentive houses an average lead time of 123 days.

The average group revenue showed little difference between a small and medium size group with a significant increase for a large group:

  • Small group average revenue - $24,352.31
  • Medium group average revenue - $31,310.00
  • Large group average revenue - $82,600.36

We'll share more of the survey results in an upcoming post. How does your DMC compare?

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Constantinos Doucas said...

These numbers are quite similar to the ones in Europe. It would be nice to know what % of those numbers is gross profit.... Anyone?