Friday, September 14, 2007

Corporate Meeting Planners and DMCs

Meeting News surveyed 413 meeting planners -- including 216 corporate meeting planners. The full results of this survey will be published in their upcoming issue on September 24.

One question on this survey was: How often do you contact a DMC in your meeting location for services or information?
21% said always
29.5% said sometimes
50% said never

Is our glass half-empty or half-full?

"There are times when corporate planners do one day training meetings or legitimately do not have a need for a DMC so why would they call? When a planner does upon a DMC, the dollar volume and amount of services provided is large and vast and that is the impact DMCs make on the meetings industry," noted Ilene B. Reinhart, DMCP, CMP Partner, ACCESS Destination Services, and ADME president.

Another way of looking at this issue would be to ask the corporate planner who DO use DMC services how much time and effort they save while improving the quality and impact of their meetings. Perhaps an industry survey will ask this question in the future.

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John Lynch said...

Very interesting survey. Thanks for sharing.

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