Friday, August 17, 2007

Proprietary Information in Proposals

If there is one issue that all DMCs are concerned with, it is the proprietary information they include in proposals... and how to make the point to clients that they just can't take these ideas and execute them on their own -- or take them to another DMC to execute!

Recently, an ADME member asked for some language to include in their proposal that might help alert the prospective client to the proprietary nature of this information. A few ADME members collaborated on a paragraph that addresses this point. One member uses this statement on the first page of their proposal every time.

Interested? Go to the Members Only page of to see the entire paragraph. ADME members are welcome to use this language in their proposal. Just a caution... check with your attorney if you have any legal questions.

If anybody else has similar verbiage they're willing to share, please email us at We'll post it on the members only page.

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